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Development History
2018.03The technical level and production efficiency of the galvanizing process be further improved
2017.07Participate in developing the national standard GB/T34020.1-2017 of double wall copper-brazed steel  tubes - Part 1
2016.03Finned evaporator production line runned fully
It was identified as "high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province"
Evaporstor with high performance applied in refrigeration has been assessed as high-tech products   in Jiangsu province
It was identified as "high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province"
R & D center has been identified as “Changzhou Technology Center”
2012.07New product “galvanized pipe of high corrosion resistance” can undergo neutral salt spray   test performance for 1000    hours
2011.08Set up a “Changzhou Precise Steel Pipe Engineering Center” with Changzhou University jointly 
2011.07Award the “Changzhou Welded Steel Pipe Refrigeration Engineering Technology Research Center”

Galvanized pipe with high performance applied in refrigerator and freezer has been assessed as high -tech  products in Jiangsu province

2009.07Precise double copper welded steel pipe is assessed as the high-tech product in Jiangsu Province
2009.07It was identified as “high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province”.

Participate in developing the national standard GB/T24187-2009 of cold-drawing precise single  welded steel    pipe

2007.05Participate in the formulation of industry standard YB/T4164-2007 of double brazed steel pipe
2005.05Galfan coating production line
2003.11Hot dipping galvanizing production line
2002.04Zinc Alloy, OD green pipe production line
2001.08Galvanized production line
2000.09Stepped into refrigeration appliance components industry and began to supply directly to the  manufacturer
1998.01Entered the compressor piping industry
1996.10Precise welded single pipe was formally put into production
1996.06Precise welded double pipe is applied successfully in refrigerator industry
1996.06Precise welded double pipe line was officially put into use
1996.05 The foundation of this company in Changzhou, China