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How to purchase high quality hot galvanized steel tube

View: 149605/20/2021

Hot galvanized steel tube is a welded steel pipe with a hot dipped or electro-galvanized surface. Galvanized steel tube has a wide range of uses, in addition to water, gas, oil and other general low-pressure fluid pipeline, but also used as oil industry, especially in the marine oilfield well pipe, oil pipeline, chemical coking equipment, oil heaters, condensing coolers, coal distillation oil exchangers, as well as trestle Pipe piles, mining pits with the support frame pipe, etc.

hot galvanized steel tube

Procurement of hot galvanized steel tube to pay attention to the following aspects.

1、Specification size

Product specifications size is the most important consideration in the hot galvanized steel tube purchase process, we can determine whether the product specification sheet to determine the suitability, especially in the purchase of special specifications of the product should be determined with the manufacturer to ensure that you can get the required products. The size of the product specifications should be written in the contract.


The price is too high for the cost, the price is too low to be able to buy reliable quality products. Selection should be compared in the same kind of products, and then do a comparison of product quality. Comprehensive price and quality and transportation costs and other factors, choose a quality and cheap and easy to transport manufacturers to purchase.

3、Inspection quality

(1) hot galvanized steel tube appearance should be smooth, no zinc tumors and burrs appear, silvery white.

(2) hot galvanized steel tube will not be hydrogen embrittlement, no temperature hazards, to ensure that the mechanical properties of the material remains unchanged.

(3) good corrosion resistance, neutral salt spray test for 240 hours did not significantly affect the performance, can replace part of the process requires hot galvanized.

4、The comprehensive strength of the manufacturer

Generally speaking, large scale manufacturers, its comprehensive strength, high production efficiency, product quality and stability is guaranteed. So when you buy, you can accordingly understand which manufacturer the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is produced by.

5, the manufacturer's reputation and reputation

  Finally, we should also understand the manufacturer's reputation and reputation, in addition to quality testing, the reputation of its products to a certain extent can also represent product quality. If a company's reputation is good, then at least the factory can be judged that the production situation is good, stable product quality, recognized by many consumers.

hot galvanized steel tube supplier from china

6, the advantages of hot galvanized steel tube.

1. low cost of treatment: the cost of hot galvanized steel tube is lower than that of other paint coatings

2. Durable

3. Good reliability: the galvanized layer is metallurgically bonded to the steel and becomes part of the steel surface, so the durability of the coating is more reliable

4. Toughness of the coating: the galvanized layer forms a special metallurgical structure that can withstand mechanical damage during transportation and use

5. Comprehensive protection, so that every location on the inner and outer surface of the steel pipe can be fully protected

6. Time and labor saving, the galvanizing process is faster than other coating methods and reduces the time required to paint the site after installation

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