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Methods and practical applications for improving the thermal performance of finned evaporators

View: 207307/15/2021

Methods to improve the thermal performance of finned evaporator.

finned evaporator

The finned evaporator structure was optimized and improved, and the thermal performance of the improved heat exchanger before and after was tested using the TESCOR platform-thermal exchanger performance test bench. Two methods are proposed to strengthen the performance of the finned evaporator: one is to design the finned tube of the heat exchanger (evaporator), which is prone to frost formation under low temperature conditions, into a variable pitch fin structure, which increases the heat transfer area of the fins inside the tube and increases the flow rate of the airflow inside the tube; the other is to design the equal-pitch inner thread tube of the heat exchanger under air conditioning conditions into a variable-pitch inner thread tube to increase the disturbance of the airflow inside the tube and improve the performance of the heat exchanger. Disturbance of the air flow, improve the heat transfer coefficient. The thermal performance of the heat exchanger improved by these two methods was calculated, and the results showed that the heat transfer coefficient was increased by 98% and 82%, respectively.

finned evaporator Manufacturer

The finned evaporator is a series of heat exchanger products that are used in the heat dissipation system, whether it is in a residential hot water heating system or in a large industrial plant or workshop, or in a large industrial steam or thermal oil drying radiator. finned evaporator heat exchangers are used in industrial plants or large workshops. The heat exchanger can be customized according to the specific heating needs, plant structure, workshop structure, installation method, heating medium, pipe and the items to be dried when heating the plant or large workshop.
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